Adblue Failure & Adblue Repair


It is a non-toxic solution that reduces Nox emissions, especially used by heavy vehicles. It is the fuel type supported by major brands such as Mercedes Axor – Actros, Man, Scania, Daf, Renault, Volvo, Iveco, Ford Cargo, Otokar, BMC, Cummins,  considering the imperative conditions of Europe  . So why is it so difficult to use? In questions such as why it is not used or why it is not used, the interests of the consumer are taken into consideration.

It is valid for all companies that use or host trucks, lorries, buses, mainly consumers, those who own heavy vehicles, fleets, logistics companies, companies in the construction sector. Adblue system is a system used in Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 model vehicles. For the companies and sectors we mentioned,  canceling adblue fuel  means getting into a profitable and advantageous situation.


In Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 vehicles using the Adblue system, you will encounter warnings and errors in the vehicle when the adblue fuel runs out in the adblue tank. At the same time, as your vehicle drops to Euro 1 level, you will see a serious decrease in performance / hammer power. This means that you will use more of the current fuel level and you will suffer serious fuel damage. In other words, you will burn more diesel and your vehicle’s performance will decrease. Another point that causes these errors and drops is  Adblue Failure  . For this reason, it is necessary for your vehicle to see  the  adblue system and to be in good working  condition  .


Long-distance passengers and companies with more than one heavy vehicle know how much the Adblue system malfunctions. Adblue malfunction problems, which are more common in Euro 4 and Euro 5 vehicles,   cause major problems. The performance of the vehicles decreases and there are financial losses such as the use of more fuel. When Adblue malfunction occurs, your vehicle will warn you by giving an error, in this case your vehicle will drop from Euro 5, Euro 6 level to Euro 1 level and you will experience problems. So why do AdBlue malfunctions occur? There may be problems caused by fuel, you may get an adblue error systemically, you may encounter many unexpected errors like this that occur in adblue tanks. Understanding the problem and  repairing AdBlue You will have to go to an authorized service to have it done, which also means additional costs to you. Brands that encounter very common  AdBlue malfunctions  ;

Scania, Man, Daf, Ford Cargo, Iveco, Mercedes, Otokar…


There are certain ways of repairing and canceling the Adblue system. In the old times, temporary repair was provided with resistance cables, but today there are   brand new solutions produced for adblue repair . Thanks to the adblue emulators developed by Metadiag, you will be able to cancel the adblue system easily and your chance of encountering an adblue malfunction will be reduced to “zero”. Thanks to the Adblue emulator, the device will keep the AdBlue liquid at 80%, and at the same time, it will transmit the AdBlue system working smoothly thanks to the signal it sends to the system brain. In this way, your vehicle will not decrease in performance and you will not have to buy liquid fuel.  Metadiag company pioneered the emulators, which can also be described as  Adblue repair kits by  the public. Adblue repair and you can contact us for adblue failure. You can find more information about adblue cancellation on this page.

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